Tractor Mowers

Ride-On Tractor mowers are ideal for people who need to cut a huge amount of grass in a shorter period of time. Homeowners with an area over half an acre will find a tractor mower a useful asset. Landscaper, fas schemes, residential committees, etc will often invest in a ride on tractor mower if they have a lot of grass to cut.

We offer tractor mowers with different options of cutting the grass such as collecting, rear/side discharge and mulching. We supply top brands such a Castelgarden, Stiga, Alpina, Topsun & SECO.

Main Pointers to consider before purchasing your Tractor Mower include:

  • Size of your garden
  • Mower Deck Size required/ Cutting Width
  • Terrain- is your garden flat, hilly or challenging?
  • Is there any obstacles in your garden such as trees, flower beds or a pond?
  • Do you need to bag your grass?