If you have a lawn mower, or your thinking of buying one, you  also might  want to consider attachments. There are water proof covers, mulching kits, combi carts, rollers and other accessories to choose from.

Spring, summer, autumn, or winter, with the wide range of accessories the Castelgarden lawn tractors become year-round companions. You can cut grass in summer, collect leaves in autumn, clean snow from your garden path in winter and brush away dust and gravel from paved areas in spring. From sweepers and trailers to snow blades – think about accessories you may want to add, either now or in the future.

A riding mower, garden tractor or lawn tractor, for example, may present more possibilities than an ordinary walk-behind rotary mower. A rotary mower can have more attachments than a push reel mower. If your lawn is very large, it might be more practical to use a lawn mulcher or a riding lawn mulcher.

Besides bagging or mulching, you can add other accessories to your lawn mower, increasing its capabilities and utility. If you accessorise to the maximum, your lawn mower will not only cut your lawn but it will also double as a leaf blower, a snow remover and a tower. If the mower is large enough e.g. a professional mower, riding mower or lawn tractor, it can haul rakes, grass finishers, ploughs and dump carts.

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