Front Deck Mower

The Stiga range of front deck riders provide you with an exciting experience when cutting your lawn. One notable feature of a front deck mower is that the cutting deck is always in view. This facilitates full control at all times thus allowing you to mow under bushes and branches, in corners and out over edges with complete confidence.

Stiga front decks provides a genuine articulated steering offering a perfect solution. This means that the rear wheels always follow in the tracks of the front wheels. No risk of wheels or bumper swinging out and damaging walls or fences, trees bushes or flower beds. No risk of being trapped. Wherever you can drive in, you can also drive out.

All our front mowers have Combi cutting decks. You can choose between rear discharge and Multiclip. When the grass is high, the cutting deck can be changed to rear discharge mode. Alternatively, the Multiclip facility saves you time and effort while being the most silent mowing method available. It also reduces waste through recycling your grass. This means that the grass is broken down to tiny clippings which in turn fertilise the lawn.