Our trimmers and brushcutters range is ideal not only for professional but also for private users. Depending on their power rating and type, they can be used to remove tough scrub and thin out overgrown bushes, as well as for general mowing works. With their interchangeable cutting heads, that feature everything from nylon lines to metal blades, they have a versatility that is rarely seen on the market. They’re not only easy to operate, but also easy to start - in all weather conditions. The powerful engines are robust and hardwearing. The new body design for some models, the grip on the handle bar and the anti-vibration system are the biggest changes.

Main Pointers to Consider when Purchasing a Brushcutter include:
-Engine Power & Displacement
-Bent / Straight shaft
-Loop / Bike Handle
-Single/Double Harness
-Metal Blade & Nylon Head