PACLITE Reversible Plate Compactor

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PACLITE offer compact designs to allow for compaction of mixed soils in the narrowest of spaces - even in extremely narrow trenches. They are ideal for curbs, gutters, around tanks, forms, columns, footings, guard railings, drainage ditches, gas, sewer works and building construction. These plates are suited for a variety of compaction applications thanks to their high speed of advance and simple manoeuvrability.

The PC100H features a newly designed "low-vibration" guide handle to improve operator comfort and minimise operator fatigue. The belt is completely enclosed meaning it is protected by a lightweight belt guard for reduced wear and minimal service. The lifting handles are ergonomically designed to make it easier on the operator to load and unload the compactor onto/from the transport vehicle. Durable shock mounts on engine console dampen vibrations thereby reducing wear on the components. The devibrated handle with "cup-design" reduces hand/ arm vibration.  

  • Engine Power: Honda GX160 (5.5Hp - 4.1kW)
  • Plate Width (mm): 500
  • Operating Weight (kg): 96
  • Centrifugal Force (kN): 20
  • Travel Speed (m/min): 25
  • Vibration (m/s2): 3.94
  • Water Tank (L): 13