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Maximum cutting speed and smooth operation PACLITE CUT SPEED 450 Honda floor saw offers a cutting performance second to none in this class of machine. The torque transmitted to the diamond blade and the center of gravity located directly over the cutting shaft have been matched efficiently. The majority of the engine's power output goes there where it is needed: into the asphalt or the concrete. These two features result in cuts faster than comparable products.

Features and benefits

- This machine provides excellent directional stability due to the high tensile strength of the protective cage.

- Adjustable handle makes fatigue-free positioning possible for ease of operation. The CUT SPEED 450 features a shorter wheelbase to make the handling of the machine even easier.

- The plastic removable water tank allows extended wet cuts and is the largest in this class of equipment.

- This machine is always perfectly balanced when hanging from the central lifting point for ease of transport.

- Light floor saws in their class, these units offer easy manoeuvrability around any job site.

- Electronic hour meter.

- Easily removable watering kit, center lifting point.

- Integrated document and toolbox.