Bell SP V9 PLUS Log Splitter

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The Bell SPV 9 PLUS log splitter is the equivalent of the SPV 7 PLUS but with even more power of thrust!

Designed for professional heavy duties and continous use for which high performances, ease of use and work speed are extremely required. Powered by a 6.5HP Briggs & Stratton engine.   Nine tons and more choice of power supply for this log splitter: cardan shaft + the electric motor 3-phase of 5,5Hp together in one machine. The movable table is ROTATING to help the user to change quickly and without stress the log length from 59 to 110 cm in a few seconds. The wedge can be a SPEED WAY WEDGE (optional) to fasten the splitting without having to cut the log entirely. Thank to this special design, the wedge can penetrate more incisively into the wood and split the log in a few seconds increasing even more the high performances of the machine.  Also comes complete with a 4 way wedge to break up the logs even smaller.

Model SP V9 PLUS Brand Bell
Engine Briggs & Stratton Dimensions L 68 x W 102 x H 107/160 (cm)
Max Force 4 Ton Thrust Log Capacity 59/100cm
Power 6.5HP Warranty 1 Year
Weight 152kg