PowerTec DX30 Indirect Diesel Space Heater

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Indirect Fired Space Heaters designed to provide large volumes of heat without any harmful combustion fumes. Fuel is injected into a combustion chamber where it is ignited and burnt at a regulated rate. Collects heat indirectly from the combustion chamber and releases it into the air to be heated. Fumes are transferred via a tube connected to the flue and released to the outside air.

The PowerTec DX30 is a highly mobile heater, equipped with transport wheels and handle rail fo easier manoeuvrability. Features a built in fuel tank with fuel level indicator, functioning on diesel or kerosene which makes it cost effective as diesel is the most efficient type of heating.

It's very easy to operate, just fill the tank, plug it in and ignite the heater using a push button ignition. The combustion chamber is designed with powder coated stainless steel to provide safe controllable heat and protect the user according to safety standards. Also boasts a flame control photocell protecting from overstrains.

Suitable for areas with limited ventilation with a danger of fumes. Indirect diesel heaters are ideal for drying or heating medium to large premises for a wide variety of applications including workshops, warehouses, factories, agricultural use, marquees, building sites, etc.

Model DX30 Brand PowerTec
Power 32kW Air Flow 1150 m3/h
Voltage 230 / 50 V/Hz Oil Consumption 2.7 L/H
BTU / Hr 109,248 Weight 72kg
Warranty 1 Year