EFCO Telescopic Pole Pruner PTX2710

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The EFCO PTX 2710 professional pole pruner was designed specifically for pruning and thinning all types of trees. The PTX 2710 provides the best combination of performance and reliability

The PTX 2710 pruner is designed to solve  your cutting and limbing  problems at a height with ease while at the same time guaranteeing a constantly comfortable and safe working position. Suitable for use in woodland, in rural surroundings and in urban open spaces, this tool eliminates the need for access solutions such as ladders and platforms of various types once and for all. Thanks to the telescopic pole that can be extended up to 3.12 metres, this chainsaw can reach branches up to 5 metres from the ground. The pruner can be adjusted to 5 intermediate angles from 0 - 90 degrees, thanks to a device that allows excellent performance in any working position and allows a far clearer view of the cutting area. 

The aluminium engine shroud affords superior mechanical strength. The professional oil pump ensures constant lubrication of the bar and chain. 

Displacement: 27cc

Power: 1.3HP

Adjustment of Pruning Head: 0 - 90 degrees (5 positions) 

Bar Length/Chain (pitch x gauge): 10" 

Chain (pitch x gauge): 3/8" x .043"

Overall Length: 8'5" (1.5m) - 12'5" (3.2m) (retracted to extended)

Harness included: Yes