EFCO IS2026 Backpack Sprayer

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The Efco IS2026 backpack sprayer is the perfect machine for the most demanding of operators such as garden centres, farmers and domestic usage.  High resistance to stress, even when working lengthy stints and operating in hostile conditions.  Capable of generating a flow rate in excess of 15-20 litres/minute,  equipped with a 25 litre tank which allows for lengthy periods of operation between stops.  Easy start assured by “Primer” and “Lift Starter”, a device that automatically switches off the choke by pressing the throttle right down.  A convenient valve allows accurate pressure regulation to suit desired use.   Handy manual adjustment of spray droplet size.  High operating pressure of up to 35 bar. The brass pump and chrome pistons offer excellent rust protection and extended service life.   Wide range of nozzles available with multiple jets for wider coverage.

Model IS2026 Brand Efco
Engine Sharp Pro Power 1.2hp (0.9kW)
Displacement 25.4cc Liquid Tank Capacity 25 Litre
Max. Delivery Rate 8 L/min Max. Pressure 35kg/cc
Weight 9KG Warranty 1 Year