EFCO PRO 56cc Chainsaw - ideal for felling, cutting and sectioning trees

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The Efco 156 chainsaw has maximum long-term reliability, thanks to a steel crankshaft and piston with 2 rings. Its cylinder is equipped with a decompression system to ensure a smooth and jerk-free start. Features specifications such as a digital coil, rpm limiter and a newly designed flywheel that makes the engine run more smoothly, thus cooling is more efficient even in the most difficult of climate conditions (high temperatures). Handle and fuel tank assembly is separated from the body which ensures a lower fuel mixture temperature and minimises vibration. Its automatic and adjustable aluminium oil pump ensures maximum long-term durability and enables the oil flow to be adapted to the type of job at hand, without needless waste.

Note: 2 Stroke Mix - We recommend a 50:1 mix, add recommended amount of 2 Stroke Oil to your clear unleaded petrol, refer to operators manual for more details. Shake well....... We also advise to colour code cans, i.e Green Can for your 4 Stroke Lawnmower and Red Can for your 2 Stroke products. Please store your mix in an approved container.

For professionals who demand top quality. Designed for extremely simple maintenance and operator comfort during extended hours of work.
  • 2 Stroke Engine
  • 56cc
  • 18” Bar & Chain
  • Chain Pitch x Gauge: 3/8” x 0.58” or .325” x 058”
  • Anti Vibration System
  • Automatic Oil Pump 
  • Decompression Button For Easy Start
  • Weight: 5.6Kg
Model 156 Brand Efco
Engine 2 Stroke Displacement 56.5cc
Power 4.1hp (3.1 kW) Bar Length 46cm (18")
Chain (Pitch x Gauge) 3/8" x .058" Oil Tank Capacity 0.35 Litres
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.70 Litres Oil Pump Automatic / Adjustable
Weight 5.5kg Warranty 1 Year